Wallops Island Mars Payload Facility

The newly constructed, 45,000 square foot Mars Payload Facility completed under a $650,000 Six Hundred Fifty Thousand dollar contract (Mechanical process piping), and will now offer NASA, MARS-Virginia Space the ability to store their rocket transport machines for the upcoming launches at Wallops Island launch pads. Our team assisted in implement of the Air and Vacuum mechanical process piping, which included over a 1,500’ Stainless Steel Tubing and the setting of all the Air and Vacuum Equipment. The Mechanical scope was completed months ahead of schedule.

The New Mars Payload Facility is a Level 3 Clean Room Design Negative Air Pressure Building.

Project Details

Owners: NASA-MARS-Virginia Space
Designer: NASA
General Contractor: BRPH
Location: Wallops Island, VA
Project Size: 45,000 square foot
Project Value: $650,000
Project Team Leader: Jeff Barefoot & Tommy Phillips
Role: Mechanical Process Piping
Completion: April 2019