Wallops Island Launch Complex-2

The newly constructed, 53,500 square foot Launch Complex-2 Rocket Pad was completed and will now offer NASA, MARS-Virginia Space to Launch 50 foot rockets with Sub-Contractors and the United States Air Force. Our team assisted in implement of all the mechanical process piping, which included stainless steel x-ray welds. The Mechanical scope was completed months ahead of schedule.

The New Complex-2 Launch Pad is an articulating pad which can rotate the Rocket for better launching and deliver to the Launch Pad.

Project Details

Owners: NASA-MARS-Virginia Space
Designer: Rocket Lab
General Contractor: BRPH & Leak Tight Analysis
Location: Wallops Island, VA
Project Size: 50,000 square foot 3,500 square foot Launch Pad
Project Value: $1.5 Million
Project Team Leaders: Tommy Phillips, Herman Updike, Lloyd Combs
Role: Mechanical Process Piping
Completion: December 2019