Project Description

Micron FAB 1-Base Build & Tool Hook-Up

The ongoing Mechanical High Purity Process Piping projects at the Micron Semiconductor for 2019 were under $3 million dollar contracts (High Purity Orbital Stainless & UPW Plastic Welding), and will offer Micron more capabilities in their chip processing areas. Our team assisted in implement of the mechanical high purity process piping, which included over 10,000’ of HP Stainless Steel Tubing, and over 5,000’ of UPW HP piping. All HP weld’s for the HP Stainless Tubing and the HP UPW piping were inspected and had great results from third part QAR/QC contractor. The Mechanical scopes where completed ahead of all schedules.

The New Mechanical High Purity Process Piping Projects will allow Micron to stay as one of the leading Semiconductors in the World.

Project Details

Owner: Micron
Designer: Jacobs
Location: Manassas, VA
Project Size: 250,000 Square Footage
Project Value: $3 Million
Project Team Leaders: Aaron Roots, Lloyd Combs, Tommy Philips
Project Manager: Jeff Barefoot
Completion: December 2019